Updates from my corner of the world…

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Hi friends…it has been so long since I actually picked up the computer and wrote a blog post! A little bit crazy, but it has all been for good reason. So, what’s been happening since I last wrote?

First…a big move

My wife, our furbabies and I packed our bags and left the New Jersey/Philadelphia area in mid-July. Some of it was planned, some of it was spur of the moment, all of it was needed. Now, we are settling into life in the suburbs of Akron, Ohio. I love our sleepy, little farm town with a passion, even if I am missing the family and friends I left behind.

I am eternally grateful to my best friend and her husband for giving us the physical shelter we needed to make this big change possible. While it all has not been roses, I am pretty sure it is for the best. In high school and college I was completely obsessed with the Dixie Chicks. What I don’t think I realized was that I was subconsciously searching for my own Wide Open Spaces. I think I have been seeking this quieter, simple lifestyle for at least ten years. There will always be bumps in the road, but there is much to be said for new beginnings.

What am I writing?

My writing was something that definitely suffered as I prepared to move and as I got settled into my new life. I do not think I have written anything proper in months. But, that is all changing. There are definitely some big things on the horizon for Erin Lindsey Maurer, author!

I have relaunched my children’s book: Creatures in the Attic, this time under my own name, not a pseudonym. The new Kindle book is now available. Sometime later this week, the new paperback (now in a different format) will go live. Stay tuned. I will be offering autographed copies for sale.

Line Drive (Philadelphia Liberty #1) is still available too. You can find it in both Kindle format and paperback on Amazon. If you want a signed copy, just let me drop me a line (erinlindseyDOTmaurerATgmailDOTcom) and I am sure we can work something.

Do not worry, I have not forgotten about Ashlynn, Mattie & Company. I was struggling with it for awhile, but I think I am finally getting over my writer’s block. There will be a new short story, roughly titled A Liberty Christmas, coming soon.

I am also hard at work on a new YA novel and another children’s book. With any luck, I will have 3 more titles out before Line Drive turns 1 in April!

And….in new, exciting news…

I will FINALLY be launching a crochet shop in the next few weeks. As of right now, I am planning to sell through Facebook, but that could change.

Lindz McGinz Lovies will feature a number of crocheted blankets available for custom order. You’ll pick the pattern you like, and then have total control of the colors used in the project. I will also have ready-to-ship crochet lovies perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Best of all, shopping at Lindz McGinz helps support cancer research. We will donate 20% of all profits to Hockey Fights Cancer!

What is a lovey? Here’s an example:


Thank you to Belle’s Blog and Boutique for the above photo. My pieces will be very similar, but are currently all in construction and not photo ready! I plan to have some in various colors and animals ready to ship at shop launch. However, we will always entertain custom orders!

Want more information about all the balls I have in the air?

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